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geeks+ are now accepting payment in Bitcoin


We are proud to become part of the economic revolution that is Bitcoin.

If you’ve not yet heard about Bitcoins then further reading is available in the links at the bottom of this news post. If however you’ve already encountered them and wish to part with them in exchange for our excellent IT skills, then you’ve come to the right place. We are now accepting Bitcoin as direct payment for any of our advertised services.

Put simply(ish), Bitcoin is an uncorruptable digital currency based on mathematical encryption. The bank ledger is shared via a peer-to-peer network across all the people who hold bitcoins and it allows virtually free, virtually instant, non-reversable payments to be sent anywhere in the world.

Once the initial learning period is over it’s as easy to send money as Paypal but without the 5% fees!

Bitcoin is far too large a subject for us to do it any justice in this brief news post, hence the links to further reading. If this is your first encounter with them, we highly recommend looking into it further. These may just change the world.

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